Gwen van den Eijnde invents beings. They do not speak, do not dance, and hardly even move. They are close, but do not cohabitate. Their place is elsewhere, their time is slow, patient and even a little maniac.

Gwen van den Eijnde becomes, every times he decides, one of these beings. He then undertakes a very long process of what he will become. It is the finery that he creates with the care of meticulous details that piece after piece, conducts him towards what he will incarnate.

During Gwen van den Eijnde appearances we witness a sort of ceremony, bound to who knows what ritual. And one could, in these instances imagine seeing a Samourai, a bull fighter, or a Chinese Empress. Nevertheless, we never really know who is in front of us, who is this being that does not see us, and that sees things or beings that we do not see, that perhaps do not even exist.


Edith Dekyndt